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Well well

I haven’t been on here in awhile. I also haven’t had many encounters, boo hoo. I may have to say good bye to this tumblr. It’s been a good trial though. Thank you everyone! :)

Oh gosh babes I’m still soooooooooo dripping wet, cum all over my bed from masturbating a bit ago. Yummy, I may have a repeat.

ifellinlovewithher-deactivated2 asked: neat, ive always wanted to do a nmcf thing (nude male, clothed female if youre not familiar) just because i think the idea of a bunch of girls taking advantage of me would be really sexy.

Definitely sexy :)

ifellinlovewithher-deactivated2 asked: thanks for the follow lady.

heres a question for you, what is something you have always wanted to do but havent gotten a chance to/where scared what might happen if you did?

You’re welcome! :)

I’ve never done anal. I want to try it but all the guys that want to try it with me are just douchebags and don’t really care about making it feel good for me.

I also want to be the center attention with 3 or more guys. An all girl orgy is definitely up there as well. :)

bigmikeslikes asked: First off, love the way your pussy looks and your perky little tits. I'd fuck you every which way.

Now, you're bi, and I was wondering if you ever eat a man's cum from a girls pussy? or ass?

Well thank you. :)

I haven’t gotten the chance to do that yet but I’m sure it will happen eventually.